Lowther P.W.1

The Lowther P.W.1 (Post-War 1) corner horn was designed by Paul Voigt shortly after the 2nd World War. Materials were in short supply at this time, and as a result Paul Voigt was only able to produce a limited number of his Domestic Corner Horn. He designed the P.W.1 to give "the maximum amount of pleasure with the small quantity of material allocated". The P.W.1 horn is therefore a compromised version of the Domestic Corner Horn. It was manufactured from 1949 to 1955.

It was designed to stand in the corner of a room, and incorporated most of the basic features from Voigt's earlier designs. The front-loaded horn works down to about 100 Hz, with the back-loaded bass horn taking the response down to below 50 Hz. The P.W.1 was designed for use with a 6-inch drive unit such as the Voigt Mains Energised unit.

The P.W.1 was normally supplied in an untreated wood finish, ready for painting, staining or veneering to suit its surroundings. It weighs 60 lbs.

Lowther P.W.1
Image of a PW1 from a Lowther sales brochure.
Lowther P.W.1
Lowther P.W.1
A veneered example of the P.W.1 corner horn.
Lowther P.W.1 and P.W.2
P.W.1 standing next to a P.W.2.
Pair of Lowther P.W.1's
A pair of P.W.1's
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